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Foam SystemsFoam mixer PVtronicElectronically controlled foam mixer for Vehicle Mounted Pumps and Pumping Sets with multifunctional display

PDF Datasheet PVtronic


Electronically controlled „round the pump“ system:
  • Selected foam mixing rate is held constant
  • Suction of foam from internal or external
  • Electronic and touchless flow sensors for water and foam
  • Electric dosing unit


  • Freely selectable foam mixing rates
  • Foam mixing rate 0.1...9.9 % (steps of 0.1)
  • Max. inlet pressure +0,5 bar (tank operation)
  • MFD (multifunction display) for indication of present foam mixing rate
  • Only available completely mounted on pump

Foam flow

PVtronic 200
foam flow 5...200 l/min
water flow 150...3000 l/min

PVtronic 300
foam flow 5...300 l/min
water flow 150...3000 l/min

PVtronic 500
foam flow 5...500 l/min
water flow 400...10000 l/min