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Foam SystemsFoam Proportioning System PDmaticFoam proportioning system for mixing in either normal or high pressure

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PDmatic is a Foam Proportioning System (DZA) that is completely mounted on JOHSTADT Vehicle Mounted Pumps. As the foaming pump is driven by the pump shaft of the Vehicle Mounted Pump, no additional electrical operating power is necessary.

All regulating parameters are measured contactless und hence wear-free. It is operated conventionally by buttons, by display or by CAN-bus interface. As the foam is fed on the pressure outlet no foaming agent comes in contact with the Vehicle Mounted Pump or the water tank. The pump can be flushed automatically.

Especially to be emphasised is the mixing either in normal (10/15 bar) or high pressure (40 bar). The foaming agent can be primed up to 1.5 m from an external source.


Feed pressure: 10/15 or 40 bar

Foaming agent flow: 0.5...24 l/min

Proportioning rate: 0.1...10% (steps of 0.1)


Certified to EN 16327 as DZA 800/0,1-10, DZA 1600/0,1-10 and DZA 2400/0,1-10