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Priming system VACUMAT
Technology and AccessoriesPriming system VACUMATJOHSTADT Vehicle Mounted Pumps and Portable Pumps include the automatic priming system VACUMAT or VACUMAT plus.



VACUMAT and VACUMAT plus consist of a double piston priming pump, an electrically actuated magnetic clutch and a pressure sensor. The priming pump is mounted on the bearing socket of the firefighting centrifugal pump and driven by the pump shaft via the electromagnetic clutch and a tooth belt.

Priming is automatically controlled by the pressure sensor and switched on and off when reaching the switching point. The automatism is disengageable for tank and bilge operation. A shut-off valve at the VACUMAT prevents water loss in case of missing tank shutoff valve or at positive input pressure of the Vehicle Mounted Pump.

The VACUMAT is oilfree, pressureless and therefore maintenance-free.


  • Design Vacumat: 500...3000 l/min
  • Design Vacumat plus: >3000 l/min
  • Suction lift: 0...8 m
  • Switching point: 0.8 bar
  • Shut-off valve: electrical or electropneumatical